Relentless Celeb Photos Thru the Ages


Photos of Gorgeous Celebrities Over 60 are not proof that women don’t necessarily peak in their 20s, as HuffPo says in punting its pix of aging female stars.

They’re proof that you can run but you can’t hide from the Schleb Culture, no matter how old you get.

Raquel Welch's Breasts Before and After Life - or the Knife?

Raquel Welch’s Breasts Before and After Life – or the Knife?

We were bombarded by the impossibly big boobs of Raquel Welch in our formative years, with ill effect on many a girl’s self-image. Now it’s photos of how well those bosoms are aging.

Or not. There’s much speculation about the reasons for Welch’s unsaggy cleavage and unwrinkled skin over at Celeb Nose Job. That’s a website dedicated to celebs’ plastic surgery – of all body parts, not just the nose jobs of its catchy name. And oddly, it reads like a bit like a Chinese fortune cookie:

It is not secret anymore that every woman wants to look beautiful and healthy moreover when their age has been roughly 40 years old.


From pin-up girls to Playboy Bunnies to today’s twerking pop stars, are female sex symbols destined to compete over looks throughout every phase of their lives? Will it be Photos of Gorgeous Celebrities Over 90 next? And will we keep comparing ourselves to them until we all go to our graves?

There are other questions. Would Videos of Gorgeous Celebrities Over 60 be different from the photographic version? After all, aging shows not only in how you look but in how you move.

And how you move with the times. Susan Sarandon clearly wins in the Youthful Hair category, sparking speculation that she’s one of a newly discovered cohort of 10% of over 60s who just don’t go grey.

But Sarandon was a big loser in the Moving With The Times category with her admission last year that she couldn’t even turn on a computer.

I wouldn’t even know how to Google myself. I don’t know how to touch a computer

– Susan Sarandon, quoted on

Susan soon figured it out. Somebody probably told her that such technophobic talk makes you seem old. Now she can not only find the on switch but she has a Twitter account. And her dog has one too.

One last point: too bad about the lack of diversity in HuffPo’s Top 40. With so few older women of color it’s hard to draw conclusions about which skins are best at weathering the ravages of time. You could draw some comparisons by checking out aging black female celebs at Madame Noire’s.

Or maybe we can accept the different ways our bodies change over time and stop all the comparing. And concentrate instead on how our hearts and minds change.



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