Not too old for Smartphone Neck 2


I may not get Text Neck, that affliction mainly of slouching youthful thumb typists, but I am not too old to get Smartphone Neck. It can happen even when I do that thing young people have given up doing: talking on the phone.

Text Neck X-ray

X-ray of bad posture of Text Neck

Unlike Text Neck, Smartphone Neck is not something brand new that has emerged in the digital age. It’s just a 21st century version of the crick in our necks we have experienced periodically for decades from talking on the not-so-smart phones we used to use. The ones with a long curly cord. Especially when we tried to hold the receiver between our heads and our shoulders in the pre-Hands-Free era.

Teen on landline with coil cord

If you want to treat your Smartphone Neck ache, a young personal trainer type is offering help.

Another tip: now that we are in the Hands Free era, you can use the set that comes free with most new phones. You stick the little headphone pads in your ears and the microphone falls into place in front of your mouth. So you can talk without tipping your head or neck at a bad angle that will cause pain. Another tip is to can turn on the speaker phone option.

If you want to feel even better, review all the ailments that you don’t suffer from and learn to say LITO (Lucky I’m Too Old).



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