It’s hard not to think about aging when you’re part of the biggest age cohort this planet has ever known.

Our births contributed to that demographic bulge that began at the end of the second world war and continued through the mid 1960s. We Baby Boomers got hula hoops and savoured our sexual freedom together, raised children and hit menopause at about the same time. We of this certain age have been the target of relentless marketing through all the phases of our lives, from our babyhood through our experimental youth, in our coupling and uncoupling, and in our parenting. And this focus looks set to follow us through our retirement to our graves.

Many have celebrated our generation as somehow unique and special. As we enter our latest – and last – era there seems to be ever more denialism of things ordinary and inevitable. It’s as if ours will be the first generation to do ageing differently, and somehow better. If it were true that would be great, but unfortunately there is little evidence that it is.

I am trying to accept, and even embrace, the years that have produced My New Old Self, and to find some enthusiasm for whatever years still lie ahead. Since there are so many other New Old Selves out there, I am proposing that we do this together – and share our experiences of the journey through the new terrain of aging.

We have enjoyed the benefits of being the healthiest and wealthiest generation in world history, from birth through our prime. But will we be the wisest in our demise? We can but try to rise to the challenge.

So how’s this aging thing working out for you?
Are you worried? About what?
Have you found an upside? Tell us more.
Do you want advice – or do you have any to share – on what to do next, for the rest of our lives?


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